New Delhi Social Workers Association



Helping hands
for everyone in needs

The times have seen us address multifarious set of issues in the public administration domain. Started as New Delhi Social Workers Association by Sh. C. L. Grover, we've remained focussed on our core mission —'building a healthy Indian society' while collaborating with the government, relevant ministries and mobilising citizens and corporate support to achieve our mission. While the aim of NDSWA was to become a vibrant nerve centre of activities, where in not even a single needy human being is left unattended.

NDSWA has gone a step further to encompass and address the society and individual's 360° needs where in their healthcare being a prominent one.

NDSWA works in tandem with the government, social agencies, aiding agencies, donors and corporates to deliver awareness, sensitisation and benefit to society and individuals.

We have been doing all this since last 70 years and have been excelling in meeting the program objectives. Little wonder then, our partners — government, donors, social agencies and corporates trust us to bring value to their objectives.

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We invite you to visit this website and explore how we're contributing to the betterment of the society, particularly the underprivileged.